HWiNFO - Full Guide

To start troubleshooting using HWiNFO, follow this guide. It will walk you though how to setup logging and stress testing.

  1. Download HWiNFO from Here

  2. Download Prime95 from Here

  3. Download Furmark from Here

  4. Start HWiNFO and launch it in sensors only mode

  5. In the sensors only mode window, go to settings and set the global polling frequency to 250 ms and press ok

  6. Start the logging process by clicking the green + with the paper icon and save a csv file to a location.

  7. Next, launch Prime95 8.and start the blend test 9. it will look like this when started

  8. Start Furmark and select the GPU Stress Test

  9. press GO

  10. it will look like this when started


Make sure it's a 10 minute or more sample for accurate results