Reading HWiNFO logs

  1. Download Generic Log Viewer from here
  2. Install and run the program, it will look like this: generic log veiwer blank.png Enable dark mode to avoid feeling like you are staring into the sun
  3. Click "Open File" to select which csv file to analyse. open file.png
  4. From the options, select HWiNFO select hwinfo.png
  5. Once you have selected a file, it should look like this: image-1614968871295.png This is with dark mode enabled
  6. Using the options in the top-left corner, select how many graphs to view at once. number of graphs.png Enabling simple mode means that icons are shrunk in order to provide more graph real estate
  7. Using the drop-down menu, select what graphs to view. drop down menu.png
  8. Things to look out for:
  • PSU rails (take note that even if a psu is within tolerances, it can be real cranky. You should generally see if the rails are with tolerances and should not be jittery) image-1614973079866.png
  • CPU temps (use common sense here)
  • CPU load (should be ~100%, also use common sense)
  • CPU Power consumption (common sense required)
  • GPU temps (use common sense here)
  • GPU load (should be ~100% here as well. If you suspect a bad reading, instruct the user to use just furmark in fullscreen)
  • GPU Power consumption (common sense, if it is jittery, it is also a bad sign, typically indicates psu problems as well)

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