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I viewed explicit content on my work network or device

Clicked on a NSFW Link or 'accidentally' watched porn for 15 minuets at the cubicle at work?

It happens.. more than you think and we dont care unless you give us a reason to. The rule of thumb here is, do we need an excuse to look in to your internet and office PC usages?

We only care if it is illegal or causing issues on the network like bandwidth hogging. Most companies will have a firewall and block anything malicious or sites employees should not be visiting.

Personal Device

If you are using your own device like a mobile phone or laptop that does not have any work software on it then the most we can see if the website you are accessing. Like

Work Device

If you are using a work device such as a work mobile phone or Work/school laptop then expect we can see everything encluding any encrypted (HTTPS) websites. Expect your device to be controll by software that gives us full access to everything you are doing on it.