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The List of Bad Ideas

ā¯—Please notify the channel you were sent this on which of the ones listed you have done. This will further assist on identifying the root cause of your problem.

Since Windows was last clean installed (using a USB and wiping everything), have you done any of the following:


  1. Had any major hardware changes (Replace / addition / upgrade / removal)
  2. Moved the OS drive from an old computer

Core OS:

  1. Changed any permissions on OS folders
  2. Cloned the OS drive from another OS drive
  3. Manually edited the registry
  4. Messed with partitions on your OS drive (expand / merge / delete / shrink)
  5. Ran any debloat scripts or tools
  6. Ran any kind of registry cleaner
  7. Used any of the built-in reset tools

Third-party software:

  1. Had any kind of malware on your computer (Even if you think you removed it)
  2. Installed any kind of third-party AV or firewall (Even if removed)
  3. Installed anything from IOBit (Even if removed)
  4. Installed any voice changer/audio editor type programs (Voicemod, Voicemeeter, Clownfish, etc) (Even if removed)
  5. Pirated any Games/Software/Content/or the OS itself (Even if removed)
  6. Ran any dedicated driver updaters or finders on the system (Even if removed)
  7. Ran any kind of system cleaner/optimizer (Even if removed)
  8. Used or installed a custom theme (Even if removed)