Cleaning a Disk in Diskpart

Note that cleaning the disk will remove any data stored on it.

Open Command Prompt or PowerShell as admin then follow the steps below.

list disk

Windows 11-2021-10-05-15-09-53.png

Windows 11-2021-10-05-15-10-13.png

Windows 11-2021-10-05-15-10-24.png

Windows 11-2021-10-05-15-10-39.png

Make note of the disk you want to clean from the step above.

sel disk #

Follow the below setps to you want to partition and format the drive. You will want to do this unless otherwise instructed.

create partition=primary
format quick fs=ntfs
assign letter=E

You can change the file type to a different one if so chooses, FAT32 or exFAT are examples. You can also change the letter to any letter that is not in use.