Using Get-Specs

What is Get-Specs?

Get-Specs is a custom made, open-source program that gathers system information like OS, Hardware, and Software that helps us troubleshoot your computer.

Nothing sensitive is included in the report, we will not ask you to share private information.

How to use Get-Specs

  1. Download the Get-Specs program.

  2. Extract the zip file to your desktop.

  3. Run the file named “Specs.cmd”, if a User Account Control window pops up, press Yes.

  4. Click “Start”, the powershell window should be displaying each step.

  5. Click “Upload”, a link should be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it in the channel.

If the link does not appear in your clipboard, upload the Techsupport_Specs.html file that appeared next to the other extracted files.

If you have issues with the .cmd file, you can try our older exe method