Taking good Hardware photos

Please follow the guide to take good hardware photos, for easier identification of the problem at hand. Remember to turn on flash when taking photos!

Remember to ensure the photos are clear and that parts are easy to distinguish (i.e. not blurry), using the reference images as a guide:

1 - The center of the Motherboard:

Center of Motherboard

Ensure that the entire motherboard photo is in the frame, and connections mostly visible.

2 - Side angle Photo of the 24-Pin Power Cable to the Motherboard:

24 Pin Side photo

3 - Graphics Card Power Cable (PCI Express cables):

PCI-Express cables

4 - Photos of the RAM modules in the socket (top and bottom):

RAM module top photo

RAM module top photo

Ensure that the photos include the position of the tabs at the top of the RAM slot

5 - SATA Connections + General Front IO connections + M.2 drive connections:

SATA port + F IO port

Take as many photos as you can with regards to these connections, as some connections, such as SATA are on the side.

6 - CPU Power Connection:

CPU power cable