Swollen batteries are dangerous!

When a battery swells it means the internal structure has failed and the components of the battery have begun to mix. These chemicals reacting has caused the casing of the battery to swell.

What to do when a battery is swollen

Temporarily store it in a cool dry area until you can take it somewhere to be disposed of. Most repair shops are equipped to deal with a swollen battery.

Do not attempt to remove it from the device yourself!

What if I see smoke?

  1. Get away from the battery.
    • The smoke is very toxic and usually ocurrs before a flare out fire.
  2. Do not attempt to douse it with water or a normal fire extinguisher.
  3. Only specially rated fire extinguishers can handle this kind of fire.
  4. Try to remove anything flammable from around the device.

Do not try to pick up the device!

What if I see fire?

  1. Get to a safe distance from the fire, don’t go near it. These fires are violent and extremely hot.
    • If it happens in your hand DROP IT IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Call the emergency services if it looks like the fire is spreading.
  3. Do not attempt to put out the fire with anything except a specially rated fire extinguisher.