Memtest86+ is a small tool that allows you to test memory for issues.

1. Obtaining media

You may also use the official Memtest86+ ISO, or the install tool for Windows.

2. Creating bootable media

This will require a USB that is at least the size of the ISO you downloaded.

Follow the Linux media guide to create the install media. If you use Rufus, make sure to select MBR/Legacy/BIOS even if your system supports GPT/UEFI.

Run Memtest86+

If you used the official Memtest86+ media, it will boot straight into the test.

3. Results

Let the test run for 8 passes, which will most likely last overnight. Any errors means you have a bad RAM stick or DIMM (RAM slot). If you see any errors early, you can end the test there and start narrowing it down to which stick/slot.

If you have a failure, then test each stick individually, and in different slots to isolate the failure to a stick or slot.