Subreddit Commands

Comment any of the below commands to have automod print the relevant message as a response. This is based off common blurbs we use in the Live-Chat.


  1. To check hard drive health, download Crystal Disk Info (CDI)

  2. At the top of the programs window, copy the contents Edit -> Copy

  3. Publish the results in a Pastebin


To reinstall Windows 10, follow this guide


  1. Download Speccy from the following link
  2. Run Speccy,then click File -> Publish Snapshot and paste the link here.


Follow this guide to perform a cleanboot. See if your issue persists after rebooting with this configuration applied.

No data is removed, this will only stop extra, non-windows, services from starting at boot.


Follow this guide to boot Linux in a live session. This will allow you to isolate your issue between hardware and software.

It does not matter that your main OS is Windows


If replacing a PSU, look for a PSU on the A list


Follow the instructions on this page for logging and hardware stress testing