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Helper Guidelines and Orientation

Table of Contents

What is the Discord invite?

?discord or


Please avoid attempting to assist users in areas where you are not knowledgeable and comfortable. Giving bad advice is ALWAYS worse than giving no advice at all.

Anyone is free to assist in our community and each may maintain their own standards for what they choose to support. We enforce several cases where support may not be given, such as with piracy, or EOL systems.

  1. You must understand all of our rules. Please review them and ask for clarification if needed.
  2. We discourage helpers from seeking the source of licensing. While we do prohibit piracy and black-market keys and cracks, we believe that seeking the source of a key can detract from the real issue at hand, and is almost never the true cause of an issue. Malicious cracks are detected in our standard system diagnostic tools, so don’t go witch-hunting for pirated Windows.
  3. We are all here because we like helping people, even when we should be sleeping, eating, or doing something we important. The “just need to solve this issue” drive is real, but that can get grating. Remember, the channel will always be here. Take a break when need be.
  4. Users are users, be them at work or a stranger on the Internet. Users can be panicky and not know what they are doing. Take a step away from the machine, close the tab for a few minutes, take a breath. Someone else can help them when they get to be a bit too much. If you believe a user is beyond difficult, please let a Trusted/Moderator know so we can handle them as needed.
  5. No one here is entitled to yours or anyone else’s help.


Please be aware that how you interact with users when they come here for support reflects on the community. We want to ensure a safe space for even the simplest of questions. Nobody should feel they can be made fun of, talked down to, or attacked because of the questions they ask.

Remember that all of the channels are SFW. Keep all crude and dark jokes out of the channels, don’t link inappropriate content, and try to keep some form of professionalism, especially in the public channels.

Nobody is infallible, everyone will make mistakes. If you notice someone giving incorrect advice, let them know nicely. Don’t be aggressive or make fun of them for not knowing something. Don’t be afraid to be called out yourself either. Just because someone’s troubleshooting steps aren’t the same as yours doesn’t make them bad. If the advice is malicious, please report it to a mod privately.

Everyone has rough days, and it’s easy to forget that there are real people on the other end of the screen. If you find yourself in a bad mood, frustrated, or about to say something that may be viewed as uncalled for, take a break. We will be here tomorrow. Just turn off your computer. Try to avoid leaving the server, as that creates a lot of overhead and you may not get your permissions back.

We are here to help others, not argue and enforce arbitrary rules.


We want to refine our handling of various “badware” that can exist on users machines. Very few of these products are “terminal” in nature to the OS simple by existing. Unless the software is known to cause issues that are being experienced, these can be disregarded for the present issue and do not warrant a reinstall of the OS.

We encourage advising users to remove these products but we ask that you refrain from condemning an OS simply because of their existence.

Driver Updaters

While these utilities can cause issues with drivers and we recommend that users immediately remove them, in many cases the user can manually install the proper drivers to correct their issue.


While we discourage the use of activation scripts (MAS) or black-market keys for activation, these will not be grounds for reinstalling Windows or denial of support, and a “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” model should be used. If a KMS Script is used, while it falls under the same idea prior, it is of concern due to the different issues and risks KMS Scripts can bring.

Automated Tools

The parsers in use are great tools to begin diagnosing an issue to try and find where to begin. The summaries and the “nonolist” should not be your immediate single source for determining an issue. They can provide hints, but should not be a 100% direct item. Some things picked up can be false flags due to similar name or because something tripped elsewhere.

Make sure to take into account the context of what is going on and not jump straight into conclusions or hyping things up.

Not everything on the nonolist warrant’s a reinstall of windows or badgering “Your OS/computer is completely fucked!”. Again, support depends alot on context of the situation and what can cause what. Similar thing goes for the nono-list (?nolist). Quite a handful of times, a small piece of software marked as “nono” and that user is immediately told to reinstall. This almost never fixes the issue, and the “nono item” has nothing to do with the issue.

Tech support is as much about education as it is supporting users and their technology. Everyone here started at some point with technology and not every user has the same mindset as more experienced individuals like yall. Often times, users come in here for their issues, but they are learning experiences as well, and it may take time for them to form the connections in concepts.


We have rather strict rules on what can and cannot be done, the most complicated rule revolves around recommendations. We do not permit recommendations for hardware, software, or services, nor do we send people somewhere that does. This includes “Go to PCMR, they can help pick a headset.”

The tools we do have users run are vetted, trusted, and get us information required to diagnose a users existing issues.