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Moderator Guidelines

This page will give you a run down guidance on what is expect of you when you join the discord server as a Helper or Moderator.

First and formally, you will adhere to and respect other members of this group. You will adhere and enforce the rules of the Subreddit /r/TechSupport and Discord server.

Rule can be found here and in the #verify channel on Discord.

As a Moderator, you must adhere to Discords partner policy

Behavior and Engagement

The below is a modification of Discords partnership Code-of-Conduct to reflect on the /r/TechSupport Discord server.

As a moderator always keep in mind how your statements may be perceived by others. Even if you intend something as a joke, there may be others who do not see it as such.

This does not mean we will revoke your role if you say something offensive in the support channels. We understand the challenges of moderating big servers — especially ones that have users that are from all over the world. However, we do expect you to monitor and help with moderation that will take action on issues within a reasonable time frame.

With you becoming a Moderator, you also influence our reputation as a community and discord server. You should be aiming to be an example of the best communities that Discord has to offer.

The following is prohibited:

Discriminatory jokes and hate speech (attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities) Moderators or admins making verbal abuse, insults, threats towards others, or displaying offensive, derogatory, or explicit content. Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior. Selling a Partnered server or account is prohibited.

Adult Content

Explicit pornographic content does not have a place in Partnered servers. This includes videos, gifs, or still images depicting explicit sexual actions, whether real or illustrated, as well as detailed verbal descriptions of explicit sexual acts. The Discord Partners Program is designed to highlight awesome communities and content creators and generally be welcoming to those of all ages.

However, conversations around adult topics are allowed — we understand that there are Partnered servers that deal with sensitive and difficult topics, and we welcome those conversations and communities. In those servers, those channels should be clearly marked and opt-in.

Please bear this in mind, explicitly for the “Support” channels as these are strictly for Safe for Work and supporting users.

Other channels will have their own rules and must be adhered to.

Maintaining Content and Activity

We expect you to assist with helping users and issues on the server; you are expected to weigh in on our communications and discussions about the server and the evolution of the server.

Finally, we understand that sometimes you have life events and/or you might not check in every day! If there’s something that’ll prevent you from being around for an extended period of time please let us know.