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This serves as a master list of banned software that we do not permit in the community.


Any EOL OS is unsupported, it does not need to be listed here.

Name Notes
Windows XP  
Windows Vista  
Windows 7  
Ubuntu 12.04  
Windows 10 See here to check if you are running a compatible version. You can type “Winver” on the start menu to see your current version.

Unsupported OS

Any custom Windows ISO is unsupported. They are not endorsed by Microsoft and often remove or cripple important Windows features like Windows Update and Window Defender. The developers of these ISOs can also decide whether or not to implement malware and put the user in danger. These unsupported OSs are not limited to but include the ones listed below.

Name Notes
ReviOS Due to ReviOS TOS this is considered to have malware included such as keyloggers. The vendor also provides 0 support to users.
AtlasOS The AtlasOS developer has admitted to purposely removing security mechanisms and protections from his build, he actively refuses to disclose this information to users choosing to cause great harm to the community rather than learn to deal with the security introduced by Microsoft and required for use by regular citizens in the modern world.


These break machines and are black boxes for troubleshooting. If you have an issue with an OS don’t use it. Do not break it then expect help.

Name Notes
Win10Debloater Sycnex
Win10Script ChrisTitusTech
Debloat-Windows-10 W4RH4WK
Tron Script bmrf


Name Notes
WinRAR Use 7-Zip as a free alternative

Benchmark tools

Name Notes
UserBenchMark UserBenchMark is biased and untrusted

Driver finders

See here for our stance and instructions on drivers. All driver finders are blacklisted, it doesn’t have to be listed here.

Name Notes
SnappyDriver Installer  

System cleaners/optimizers

Cleaners have a long record of use in the Windows community but often times are abused, leading to broken systems and many wasted writes on an SSD.

System cleaners or optimizers often do more harm then good, and don’t solve issues. Always determine your real issue and solve it with a more direct method.

All cleaners/optimizers are blacklisted, it doesn’t have to be listed here.

Name Notes
Advanced SystemCare IOBit
Ccleaner Piriform
iolo System Mechanic iolo
Outbyte PC Repair Outbyte

Audio manipulation programs

Programs that use virtual cables often permanently damage Windows audio systems.

Name Notes

Third-party AVs

See here for our stance on AV Tools. It doesn’t have to be listed here to be blacklisted.

Name Notes

Precompiled Windows PE

Various PE distributions are illegal for various reasons such as distributing pirated/TOS breaking applications or requiring defacto payment prior to download.

Name Notes


This list of vendors offer nothing to the community or make multiple products that are considerd PUPs/Malware.

Name Notes
IOBit All products