Reading Machine Temperatures & Voltages

Watching your temperatures is an important part of managing any machine, especially a gaming rig. There are several tools that can work for this, some may not work on all CPUs (Ryzen most notably).

When reporting your temperatures to people, please use Celsius. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, everyone uses Celsius for computers.


This is an all around system reporting tool. We use this actively in the Discord to get a ton of information about your machine.


Alternatively, you can use Speccy to get similar information.

Ryzen Master

The go-to for ensuring you get proper temperature readings for your Ryzen CPU. If other tools show the same temperature you can assume they are accurate.



Like Specs, this has a ton of info, but it is isolated to hardware. We utilize this for extended logging of voltages, temps, etc. during stress tests.