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Security Rant

This has been placed here for the sake of being easier to find. This occured in #general-help on 2021-01-26.

[10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: I know, it is why we are upset about Windows 7 running in the wild

[10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: You are causing the risk to our families, not the other way around

[10:59 PM] Geeknificent: It might mot be affecting you but it could be affecting someone else and you dont even know it

[11:00 PM] NouH: k

[11:01 PM] NouH: also whats this attack on hospitals thing about

[11:01 PM] PipeItToDevSda: Hospitals are a very large target for cyber attacks, those attacks get bred and spread through botnets

[11:02 PM] PipeItToDevSda: vulnerable hosts are hit by the hundreds to form botnets, old Windows 10 editions, Windows 7, XP, Vista, cctv camera, refrigerators. Anything hooked to the internet with lax security

[11:02 PM] Bjoolz: By using Windows 7 you are an extremely easy target for botnets. Don’t even have to visit a shady website.

[11:03 PM] PipeItToDevSda: When a hospital gets hit, their efficiency is reduced. When you make people stop using computers and doing things by hand, they do things slower, there are more errors. when dealing with a hospital, time and mistakes kill people

[11:03 PM] PipeItToDevSda: In spain last year a woman was killed when she had to be diverted to a new hospital due to the closest being down to an attack. She died due to that extended route

[11:04 PM] PipeItToDevSda: The cyber world is not just your computer, it runs everything in your life. a computer virus will cause deadly ‘real world’ consequences reaching far beyond the measley files on your machine

[11:07 PM] NouH: the more you know…

[11:07 PM] NouH: i will keep that in mind, have a nice day folks

[11:07 PM] PipeItToDevSda: \o/