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I viewed explicit content on my work network or device

Safety and Security

Clicked on a NSFW Link or 'accidentally' watched porn for 15 minuets at the cubicle at work? It happens.. more than you think and we dont care unless you give us a reason to. The rule of thumb here is, do we need an excuse to look in to your internet and offic...

Malware Guide

Safety and Security

Purpose & Scope of this Guide: This guide is designed to inform you of the best ways to remove malware from your computer, and how to best protect yourself from malware in the future. Not all malware is created equal, even the best protection and most knowledg...

Clean Installing Windows 10

How To and Guides

Warning: All files on the drive you plan to install Windows to will be deleted if you follow this guide - this is intended. Please ensure you have an adequate backup policy in place before proceeding if you have files of value. Using a USB flash drive at leas...

Rules of the /r/TechSupport


Any and all rules are subject to /r/TechSupport Moderators discretion, any and all rules could be punished by a temporary or permanent ban. How our bans work: Almost all our bans are permanent which can be appealed after two weeks. A permanent ban is only tru...

HWiNFO - Full Guide

How To and Guides

To start troubleshooting using HWiNFO, follow this guide. It will walk you though how to setup logging and stress testing. All 3 programs are required for this test. None are optional. Read the entire step 1 and 2 before saying a download does not work Read th...

How to Describe a Technical Problem

How To and Guides

You are facing a technical problem and want to resolve it. That’s why you went on /r/techsupport in the first place. If the AutoModerator redirected you here, that would mean your post may lack sufficient information techs need to know. Follow the four steps...