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How to install and use Ventoy

How To and Guides

Ventoy is an useful tool that can create USB drives which can have more than one ISO at once, rather than traditional ISO burners, which can only use one ISO at a time. This guide uses a template for ventoy releases, you will have to replace 1.0.xx with the cu...

How to perform a CMOS reset

How To and Guides

1. Power off the computer and remove the power cord from the PSU. 2. Locate the CR2032 (or similar) button battery on the motherboard. Bear in mind that they can reside behind the GPU or the CPU fan. In these circumstances you may need to remove the compone...

Linux installation guide

How To and Guides

This Linux installation guide may seem long, but it’s not very difficult. It covers as many common cases as possible. It also aims to be informative. This guide will be focusing on Ubuntu and its derivatives (such as Xubuntu). Some things may be a little bit d...

Supported Operating Systems


Full Support: Windows 10 / 11 Home Pro Pro for Workstations Education No Support: Any EOL OS Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 10/11 versions that have lost support. (1507-1909 at time of writing) Windows 10 / 11 Enterprise/LTSC/LTSB versio...

Clean Installing Windows 11

How To and Guides

This wipes all data from the machine Please make sure to disable CSM, enable Secure Boot and enable TPM prior to installation of Windows 11. Create a bootable USB flash drive using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. This will also wipe any data stored ...

Security Rant

Safety and Security

This has been placed here for the sake of being easier to find. This occured in ##General-Help on 2021-01-26 [10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: I know, it is why we are upset about Windows 7 running in the wild [10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: You are causing the risk to o...


Safety and Security

What is MFA MFA, also called 2FA, means using 2 or more forms of authentication to gain access to an account or resource. In most cases the 1st form of authentication is your password, we then add a second in the form of a one time code. The method to obtain t...

Raspberry Pi Installation

How To and Guides

The Raspberry Pi is a multi-purpose credit-card-sized computer. You can use it to do many cool things. For example, you can host a website, a file server, or other servers on it. You can create a home surveillance system. You can set up a retro game system wit...

EOL Software

How To and Guides

Operating systems and software have a maximum date of support, once you pass it you will not be provided any security updates, including zero-day exploirt patches. Basically what this means is that if you're still using it, you should probably stop using it, o...

PSU guide

How To and Guides

This guide will cover the basics of a desktop PSU, ways to test it's power output. Always be careful when performing any task that requires a multimeter or another tool. The dangers Before we get into the guide, we need to adress the dangers involved with comp...

How to know if you need more RAM

How To and Guides

There is a very simple & quick way of seeing if you actually are running low on RAM before buying extra. There’s a misconception that adding RAM makes a machine faster. This is not true UNLESS the machine can use more RAM than is already installed. Adding RAM ...



CPU throttling occurs when the CPU is under enough load and unable to keep maximum turbo for the number of utilized cores (usually all cores). Throttling happens in one of four ways: Thermal Throttling Thermal throttling occurs when the CPU heats up to a thres...

Teredo guide


Note: This guide does not apply to people using CGNAT. What is Teredo? Teredo is a virtual device that aims to make a "tunnel" between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It does so by assigning your device an IPv6 adress that is bridged to the Microsoft IPv6 server. It i...

Clean Installing Windows

How To and Guides

This is a disambiguation page. Please follow the proper guide based on your OS below. How to clean install Windows 10 How to clean install Windows 11