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Manipulating partitions and disks with Gparted

Troubleshooting With a Live Session Linux Live Environment

This article relies on the live media created here Overview Gparted is a Linux/gnu front-end to the parted tool. It is the recommended method for manipulating disks when using a Linux live session. Working with a new disk Create partition table A disk needs a ...

Data Recovery

Troubleshooting With a Live Session Linux Live Environment

This article relies on the live media created here old wiki article From a readable disk Open the File Manager from the applications menu, you should see your disk in the pane on the left. In the below image, it is the "11GB Volume" Double click the desired d...


Software We Recommend

This serves as a master list of recommended and permitted software that we permit in the community. Please see the 'how tos' that may be present for these pieces of software.           Type                                                       Name         ...


Software We Recommend

This serves as a master list of banned software that we do not permit in the community. EOL OS Any EOL OS is unsupported, it does not need to be listed here. Name Notes Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Ubuntu 12.04 Windows 10 See here to c...


How To and Guides

All commands require an admin CMD or Powershell Note: DISM should be used to repair the OS files before using SFC to repair the OS. Using DISM without a source DISM is a higher level command compared to SFC that aims to do more than just to fix broken system f...

Subreddit Commands


Command and output Comment any of the below commands to have automod print the relevant message as a response. This is based off common blurbs we use in the Live-Chat. ?cdi To check hard drive health, download Crystal Disk Info (CDI) At the top of the prog...

Troubleshooting port forwards


This is not a guide on how to port forward, it is only made to address issues once your forward is made. Definitions Private IP A private IP is used within your house or by ISPs with CGNAT and is in the following ranges - ...

Getting started and creating boot media

Troubleshooting With a Live Session Windows PE

What is Windows PE Windows PE is small bootable Windows environment made for r/Techsupport. This PE has a full GUI and select tools for basic troubleshooting or data recovery in a UI more familiar to users than Linux. Obtaining media r/Techsupport Windows PE D...

Supported Operating Systems


Full Support: Windows 10 / 11 Home Pro Pro for Workstations Education No Support: Any EOL OS Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 10/11 versions that have lost support. (1507-1909 at time of writing) Windows 10 / 11 Enterprise/LTSC/LTSB versio...

Clean Installing Windows 11

How To and Guides

This wipes all data from the machine Please make sure to disable CSM, enable Secure Boot and enable TPM prior to installation of Windows 11. Create a bootable USB flash drive using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. This will also wipe any data stored ...

Security Rant

Safety and Security

This has been placed here for the sake of being easier to find. This occured in ##General-Help on 2021-01-26 [10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: I know, it is why we are upset about Windows 7 running in the wild [10:59 PM] PipeItToDevSda: You are causing the risk to o...


Safety and Security

What is MFA MFA, also called 2FA, means using 2 or more forms of authentication to gain access to an account or resource. In most cases the 1st form of authentication is your password, we then add a second in the form of a one time code. The method to obtain t...

Clean Installing Windows

How To and Guides

This is a disambiguation page. Please follow the proper guide based on your OS below. How to clean install Windows 10 How to clean install Windows 11

Basic Command Line Uses


Navigation and file operation basics Move around in the file-system (FS) with cd Delete files using del Delete folders (directories) using rmdir Preface Command Prompt and PowerShell are interchangeable for most basic tasks in Windows. For the purpose of ...

Helper Guidelines and Orientation


What is the Discord invite? ?discord or Guidelines Please avoid attempting to assist users in areas where you are not knowledgeable and comfortable. Giving bad advice is ALWAYS worse than giving no advice at all. Anyone is free to...