Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

What is DDU?

Display Driver Uninstaller is a program that can fully wipe display/audio drivers, to troubleshoot various issues.

DDU does not erase any personal files. It only wipes the selected driver(s), and any associated info, such as display color profiles, settings, etc.

Installing DDU

  1. Download DDU, from the “Download Locations” links at the bottom of the page, and extract the .zip:


  2. Double-click on the .exe in the newly extracted folder, then click “Extract” in the dialog. A new folder containing Display Driver Uninstaller.exe will be created.


    Do not move, modify, or delete any files associated with DDU

  3. Boot in safe mode

  4. Open Display Driver Uninstaller.exe from the newly created folder in Step 2.

    Some applications are inaccessible from the desktop. So if you get an “File Inaccessible” in Safe mode, try moving the extracted folder in Normal boot to a more direct folder, for example directly in the C drive.


Wiping Display Drivers

Make sure you are in Safe Mode for the following steps.

Your Display Resolution Will decrease because Windows will revert to the failsafe “MsDisplayAdapter Driver”

Laptops or integrated graphics

To wipe display drivers for laptops/devices with onboard graphics: Select the “GPU” device type from the drop-down list on the right.

  • Select the Clean and do NOT restart option for the first driver, then the Clean and restart option for the second driver. Any GPU driver can be wiped first, the order is irrelevant.

Desktops with a dedicated GPU

To wipe display drivers from a dedicated GPU: Select the “GPU” device type from the drop-down list on the right, select the GPU driver you wish to uninstall, and click Clean and restart


Reinstalling Display Drivers

Custom-built desktops

Go to the site of the GPU’s manufacturer(s) (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) and download the latest available display drivers.

Laptops/pre-built desktops

Go to the model’s support page on your manufacturer’s site, and download the latest available display drivers.

For devices with multiple GPUs, download both the integrated and dedicated GPU drivers. Install the integrated GPU drivers first, followed by the dedicated GPU drivers.