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Turning Off IPv6

Turning off IPv6 can help troubleshoot internet issues.

  1. Press Win + R to launch the run box

  2. Type ncpa.cpl into the box, and hit Enter


  3. Select the internet adapter that is currently in use, and right click and select properties


  4. Uncheck the box for Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)


  5. Test to see if the issue continues.

Turning Off IPv6 (Powershell)

  1. Right click on the start menu and run Powershell (Windows Terminal) as admin.

  2. Enter this command: Get-NetAdapter | ? {-not $_.Virtual -and $_.Status -eq "Up" } | foreach {Disable-NetAdapterBinding -InterfaceAlias $_.Name -ComponentID ms_tcpip6}

  3. Test to see if the issue continues.